Insulated Patio Covers

Insulated patio roofing gives you excellent protection from the hot sun

The ultimate indoor area outdoors

An Ausdeck Insulated patio really isbuilt for entertaining

Cool in summer warm in winter, anAusdeck Insulated Patio is the ultimateindoor area outdoors.

Ausdeck’s Insulated range is the dream material of architects, designers and builders throughout Australia especially in Eco-Housing.

Ausdeck Patios and Roofing manufacture the strongest support beams in the market, resulting in less posts; and less posts means lower costs and more room to entertain.

Ausdeck’s unique panel lock joining system allows your Insulated Patio to fit seamlessly with your existing roof, matching it in style and profile.

Resistant to dust and mould, the rebated foam is flush with the roof profile which stops spiders and other unwelcome guests from entering your roofing.

No less than eleven different colours are available to ensure the colour of your new patio matches the colour your existing home.

Ask our competitors how many colours they offer; what size supporting beams they use and what is the thickness of their steel; if they offer a weather proof panel lock joining system and can match your existing roof in colour and style?

Ausdeck’s engineering and design innovation enables you to create your new outdoor living area with more strength; less posts; more colours; and more styles to match your existing home.

Australian Made – Australian Owned. Manufactured 100% in-house.

More strength – Stronger Beams – More colours – More styles.

                            10 year warranty.

Roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, easy to erect panel.

Benefits of insulated patio roofing

  • Available in ribbed and corrugated profiles
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Superior insulating properties
  • Sleek contemporary ceiling finish
  • Fewer post, allowing more open space
  • Extensive range of decorator colours
  • Matches existing house roof profile and colours
  • Minimises noise from rain and storms
  • Water tight joining system
  • Protective film reduces potential for damage during transport and installation
  • Profiled polystyrene insulation (corrugated only)
  • Concealed ducting for electrical cables providing a cleaner finish.
  • Fully tested by James Cook University to the latest “low high low” testing standard
  • 10 year warranty

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Custom built to your requirements

We can help with your decks, patios, carports, extensions, pergolas, shelters and more. When you have our honest and helpful team working alongside you to ensure you get a terrific addition to your home you can be confident in the knowledge that you will have:

  • full warranty
  • licenced builders
  • confident company structure
  • price matching on written quotes of comparable materials and workmanship
  • everything managed from beginning to end
  • free quotations
  • free in home visits for planning
  • tidy tradesmen
  • engineered designs
  • safety and quality assurance

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Ribbed Insulated Roofing

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